Tucks, Needle of Battle

A spike with attitude

Tucks, crowbars of war

The Tuck is an interesting and impressive sword. Having just finished a replica of a nice example, we thought it woul...

Medieval Sword Grip Size

How big should my grip be?

Are rapiers light and fast?

this can be a tricky question

Historical Sword Making-Heat Treatment pt4

...if you want to make iron soft...

Longswords vs Bastard Swords vs Hand-and-a-Half Swords

What's the difference between these swords?

Historical Sword Making-Heat Treatment pt3

...take human blood, and ‘leave it out’...

Meet the guys who make the swords!

Meet the men behind the swords!

The pointy joy of type XV swords

These swords are weapons of war ...

Swords with a hexagonal blade section.

Swords with a hexagonal blade section seem to get little attention these days.  Maybe it's because so many cheap "Tol...
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