Presidential Swords

 Presidential Swords are a long tradition from the beginning of our country. George Washington owned several swords ...

Comparing smallswords with historic originals

Today we take a look at two smallswords we've just completed for orders, one blued and one bright, and compare these ...

What is Bluing?

The sword makers of the past used several decorative techniques to enhance their designs. Today we are going to look ...

Accepting Rapier Orders

We have been able to solidify some of our supply chain challenges that have plagued us over the last two years. Our ...

Some American Swords for Presidents Day

  To celebrate Presidents day here are some awesome pics and links about the sword collection of George Washington.  ...

Get a classic out of print book on Rapiers and Small-swords for Christmas

Rapier and Smallsword:1460-1820 by A.V.B. Norman is arguably the single most important reference work on complex hilt...

How many styles of Rapier are there?

Why yes, that is a rapier

Flame-bladed swords, why?

What are Flamberge, Flammard, Flambard, and Serpentine blades for?


Exceptional, light and deadly....

Smallswords: yep, light and fast

The deadly smallsword
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