Our Claymore is available again!

We are happy to announce that our Highland Claymore is available again to order. The past two years of supply and ser...

Custom swords at the Bristol Renaissance Faire!

Today we preview two custom swords that will be available this weekend on the opening days of the 2022 Bristol Renais...

Pommel Size on Two Handed Swords

People often think about pommels on swords as a counter-weight that balances the blade.  This is part of its functio...

Product Spotlight: The German Bastard Sword

Our German Bastard Sword is a great example of the heavy combat sword of the 16th Century. It is a sword we choose ...

How were Medieval scabbards made? - a new resource

Here at Arms and Armor we are always on the look out for new research and resources on historical weapons. Over the d...

Montante Trainer Spotlight

The montante was a large two handed sword that became popular in 17th century Spain and Portugal. It was related to ...

Choosing a sword for test cutting

With the continuing popularity of test cutting with longswords as a way to improve sword fighting skills, and as a co...

Scottish Two Handed Sword, or Claymore, Spotlight

Two Handed Swords Of the Highlanders

Historical Swords vs Fantasy Swords

...mythology and symbols was a respected field of learning...


The Kriegsmesser (War Knife) or Grosse Messer (Great Knife) of the late medieval period was a weapon of soldiers in t...

What is a Messer?

"Here begins the messer, God, please do not forget us."

15th Century Two Hander

... delivered himselfe so valauntly by his hardy prowes and greate strength, ...
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