A prototype sword for training armored HEMA

Today we take a look at a prototype training sword for Harnesfechten, or armored combat.  The training swords typical...

The 20 year anniversary of our first HEMA trainers/feders

Here at Arms and Armor we've been making swords for a long time.  Although we officially incorporated in 1982, our p...

Grip Size and Gripping the Sword

The sword world is beginning to have events and tournaments again. I have been fielding lots of questions from folks ...

Custom I.33 Trainer

One of the most interesting aspects of our work is designing training swords that really feel and move like historica...

Spada da Zogho: A Sword for the Flower of Battle

An interesting aspect of being a sword maker is trying to create swords to fit particular historical uses.  In today'...

Montante Trainer Spotlight

The montante was a large two handed sword that became popular in 17th century Spain and Portugal. It was related to ...

The Sword Guy Podcast - Craig Interview

Two swords that taught me a great deal about swords

Sword Terms or What are these guys talking about?

Does that word mean what he thinks it means?

Choosing a sword for test cutting

With the continuing popularity of test cutting with longswords as a way to improve sword fighting skills, and as a co...

The Durer Bastard Sword Spotlight

an iconic sword of the late 15th Century

Matching your feder to your sharp longsword

  A big hurdle for folks starting out in HEMA is that their first real exposure to how a sword ought to feel is throu...

Should I get rings on my feder?

Should a practice sword have rings on the gaurd?
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