weapon of peasant recruits to a knightly dueling weapon

The pointy joy of type XV swords

These swords are weapons of war ...

Swords with a hexagonal blade section.

Swords with a hexagonal blade section seem to get little attention these days.  Maybe it's because so many cheap "Tol...

Historical Sword Making-Heat Treatment pt1

Master Alchemy tells ...

High Gothic Mace

A noble weapon for combat and dueling

How much is a custom sword?

creating a custom sword is a collaboration

Working at A&A - The Movie List

Lights, camera, action ...

Hungarian Axe

"Pocket Pole Axe" C. Tobler

Knightly Pole Axe

...one of the most important knightly weapons...

A&A Christmas Music

Holiday Music A&A style

Gustav Vasa Rapier

Reproductions in support of the original

Nordland Axe #213

One of our favorite items!
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