What is a Parrying Dagger?

a common feature on parrying daggers is a side ring

Pierced blades on rapiers, why?

Fashion and Myth

Sword wounds: ancient and otherwise

This post contains humorous but graphic descriptions of wounds we get while making swords.

Flame-bladed swords, why?

What are Flamberge, Flammard, Flambard, and Serpentine blades for?

Broad-bladed rapiers: swords of war

Complex hilted broadswords

Tucks, crowbars of war

The Tuck is an interesting and impressive sword. Having just finished a replica of a nice example, we thought it woul...

Are rapiers light and fast?

this can be a tricky question

Serenissima Rapier

16th C Serenissima Rapier video review
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