Sunday Specials!

Tangs on Medieval Swords

The truth about tangs, and how they varied.

How many styles of Rapier are there?

Why yes, that is a rapier

Early Finger Rings on Guards, Why?

As part of our exploration of the development of European swords, this week we address the history of finger rings on...

What is a Seax?

The Seax or Sax, and several variations, is an old English or Anglo Saxon word for knife. It has come to define sever...

Historical Swords vs Fantasy Swords

...mythology and symbols was a respected field of learning...

Fighting Axes vs Wood Axes

... used for building your house and for defending it.

What are langets on a polearm for?

Practical and the myth

Pierced blades on rapiers, why?

Fashion and Myth

Flame-bladed swords, why?

What are Flamberge, Flammard, Flambard, and Serpentine blades for?

Prototype Type XVIIIc

New sword on the way!
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