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"The best replicas I have ever seen"  -  Ewart Oakeshott

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Unparalleled Knowledge and Experience

At Arms and Armor we hand-make a full range of historically accurate European weapons from the past thousand years. For over four decades we have worked with museums, collectors, and scholars to develop a deep understanding of European weapons; knowledge we use to make products that exemplify the finest qualities of the very best historic pieces.  

When we select historic items to reproduce, being pretty isn't enough, they have to move with grace and beauty, and beg to be used when in the hand.  These are pieces that feel as good as they look, and that work as well as they feel.

Our mission is to craft items that recreate the look, feel, and function of the best historic originals. Whether you are a Collector, Curator, Reenactor, or Historical Martial Artist, we will work with you to create the sword or other weapon of your dreams.

The ordering process

Due to the current level of orders and covid related supply challenges production times for some items are running longer than in the recent past. As always we are working to fulfill your order with the highest quality as soon as possible.

In stock items will be shipped as quickly as possible upon purchase. Items that are not in stock will be made for you at our shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Production swords, axes, and polearms etc. will usually be ready to ship within a couple of months. Rapiers and custom projects will take longer due to high demand and the complexity of production. If you are concerned about how long a project will take to finish please call or send an email prior to ordering.   -  Order Line 800 745 7345  -

About Us

Blog posts

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