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Longsword practice at the Center for Blade Arts.

Arms & Armor has been contributing to the research and support of the study of historical martial arts from our earliest existence. We have been involved in interpretation and rebirth of the martial arts of the medieval period in many ways. This has included practice, teaching and choreographing historical based combat for over 40 years. We have participated in jousting, stage and film combat, western martial arts and made the equipment to do all of these activities. 

Fechtbuch training sword at rest in class at the Center for the Blade Arts.All of our current training pieces were developed with a great deal of research and scholarship on the historical examples that survive today combined with testing by many exceptional martial artist with a great deal of experience in their arts. This collaborative approach allowed us to make durable, well working and authentic training pieces to match the historical systems.

If you are involved in a group or school that is looking for training weapons we are happy to help with group purchases and can do some modification to design to meet your needs. If you are able to do a group purchase we maybe able to offer a discount depending on the piece and circumstances. If you are interested in discussing such a purchase please drop us a not here.


CBA fencers in high bind with longswords.



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