2024 Reanissance Fairs!

We are just a few weeks away from the start of our season of Renaissance Fairs. This summer will hopefully be a grea...

Castlerock Museum armor and weapons in history

In our work at Arms & Armor, and doing research as The Oakeshott Institute, we have been lucky enough to visit ma...

Hows the fair going? 2022 Renaissance Update.

This time of year, a question we hear a lot is - How is the fair going? Being we are heading into the 4th weekend of ...

Black Friday to Cyber Monday Merry Axemass Extravaganza 2021

Merry Axemass to all! We have some exciting deals and special items to share on this Black Friday thru Cyber Monday S...

War Hammers

The war hammer was a classic late medieval weapon designed to defeat plate armor. War hammers are part of the family ...

Maces and Flails, and smashing ice!

Maces and flails are among the most iconic of medieval weapons, in part due to their prevalence in popular culture.

The Iberian Mace

The Arms and Armor Iberian Mace is a great example of a 13th century impact weapon. Based on several examples from th...

Sword wounds: ancient and otherwise

This post contains humorous but graphic descriptions of wounds we get while making swords.

Top ten weapons to buy with your stimulus check

plus extended discounted shipping!

Tucks, crowbars of war

The Tuck is an interesting and impressive sword. Having just finished a replica of a nice example, we thought it woul...

High Gothic Mace

A noble weapon for combat and dueling
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