Medieval Knives

One of our favorite things to make are medieval style knives. These blades cover a huge variety in style and size and...

Medieval Eating Sets

The dinner fork is among the most common pieces of cutlery throughout much of the world.  But this wasn't always the ...

What is a short sword?

Sword terminology is a complex mix of ancient terms, often misleading Victorian description, and modern pop-cultural ...

Dagger and War Hammer vs. Maille Armor

In today's video we continue our quest to learn how various weapons interact with different historical armors.  Today...

Custom Spotlight: Guard of the Duke of Electors of Saxony styled Rapier

  In today's blog we will explore a custom piece we have made. It is a rapier designed to a style with elements chose...

Cloth Armor vs Daggers and Swords

Many aspects of how, exactly, historical armors worked remain unknown.  In today's blog we investigate the protective...

Sword Terms or What are these guys talking about?

Does that word mean what he thinks it means?

Ballock Daggers: Sexy and Iconic

We love ballock daggers!  Despite being one of the most common and iconic weapons of the medieval period, they are al...

14th Century Dagger Spotlight

A combat dagger for a medieval man-at-arms

1580 Parrying Dagger Spotlight

Late 16th C Dagger molded from an original.

Gustav Vasa Rapier Spotlight

The Gustav Vasa Rapier from Arms & Armor is an exceptional replica of the sword of a King. Gustav Vasa was king...
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