Throw Javelins this Summer

Now that the warm weather is here its time to make sure you have some great fun for the backyard. If you are of a ce...

What is a rondel dagger?

The rondel dagger was one of the most popular weapons of the late Middle Ages.  A long, thick-spined, and wickedly p...

Pommel Size on Two Handed Swords

People often think about pommels on swords as a counter-weight that balances the blade.  This is part of its functio...

New Hardened Celtic Spears

When we recreate a weapon from the past there are always decisions and compromises to make regarding which historic e...

St. Martin's History of the Sword, 16TH-17TH C

As we continue our tour through the depictions of St. Martin (part 1 and 2) and his swords, the 16th century artists...
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