Accepting Rapier Orders

We have been able to solidify some of our supply chain challenges that have plagued us over the last two years. Our ...

Our Claymore is available again!

We are happy to announce that our Highland Claymore is available again to order. The past two years of supply and ser...

Hows the fair going? 2022 Renaissance Update.

This time of year, a question we hear a lot is - How is the fair going? Being we are heading into the 4th weekend of ...

Some Changes Due to Supply Chain Issues

Like many companies we have been hit with some supply chain challenges due to the Covid economy.  Right now we are ru...

Nordland Christmas

It has been a very busy couple of weeks at the Arms & Armor shop. We have been forging and grinding our little el...

Gift Certificates, the perfect Gift

If you know anything, you know a sword is the best gift you could possibly give your son/daughter/husband/wife/platon...

Black Friday to Cyber Monday Merry Axemass Extravaganza 2021

Merry Axemass to all! We have some exciting deals and special items to share on this Black Friday thru Cyber Monday S...

Weapons you can get for the holidays

We know, it's pretty early to be talking about the holidays, but if you want a weapon beneath the tree on Christmas m...

Arms & Armor Delivery Times

Dear friends, customers, and sword folks, The past year and a half have posed significant challenges for many busines...
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