One Holiday Longsword Left!

We have just one of our holiday special longswords left! So we decided to discount it even more! So whoever has been...

Longsword for Christmas? Discount?

We have three of our special one of longswords left. They have been crafted to be excellent cutters and feel great i...

A&A Black Prince Friday!!

We hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving or at least a nice Thursday off! As a way to bring some of the commer...

"upon this charge Cry 'God for Harry, England, and Saint George!"

Yesterday, the 23rd of April, was the Feast of St. George. It is the traditional day that St George is said to have ...

Whiskey and Weapons, Axes & Seaxs

Nathan and Craig invite you to join them for a sip and chat about Axes and Seaxs in today's Whiskey and Weapons. If ...

How many styles of Rapier are there?

Why yes, that is a rapier

Historical Swords vs Fantasy Swords

...mythology and symbols was a respected field of learning...


The Kriegsmesser (War Knife) or Grosse Messer (Great Knife) of the late medieval period was a weapon of soldiers in t...

The Noble Tradition of Boar Hunting

Hunting for large game was an integral part of a medieval gentleman's martial lifestyle.  Unlike the largely solitary...

Tucks, crowbars of war

The Tuck is an interesting and impressive sword. Having just finished a replica of a nice example, we thought it woul...

Smallswords: yep, light and fast

The deadly smallsword

How much is a custom sword?

creating a custom sword is a collaboration
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