Whiskey and Weapons, The Beginning

Welcome to the inaugural Episode of Whiskey and Weapons! This will be a continuing conversation between Nathan and C...

13 most asked questions from the Ren Faire

We are back to doing shows with customers, at least for the present, fingers crossed. We have done renaissance fairs ...

Our first Renaissance Festival since COVID

This past weekend was the first live event that we have officially attended since the advent of the plague, and it fe...

An introduction to complex hilted swords: Part 2

For the second installment of our exploration of complex-hilted swords we look at two swords from the late 16th and ...

2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Sword Lovers

Top 10 Gift Guide It's been a long tough year, but with Christmas fast approaching you have the chance to banish the...

Digital Renaissance Fair and Event for 2020

Lets face it, 2020 sucks. All of the events and shows we had planned for this year have been canceled and we miss all...

Virtual presentations for events

One of the most exciting things about working at Arms and Armor is the opportunity to connect with other people who a...

MN Renaissance Fair and Arms & Armor, will 2020 Happen?

History of A&A at the MN Ren Faire and this year?

The Noble Tradition of Boar Hunting

Hunting for large game was an integral part of a medieval gentleman's martial lifestyle.  Unlike the largely solitary...

A&A Christmas Music

Holiday Music A&A style
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