Top ten weapons to buy with your stimulus check

So, you've successfully hoarded toilet paper and enough boxes of mac and cheese to feed your family for perpetuity.  What's next?   We've chosen the perfect purchases based on your pandemic personality profile.  Check them out below and don't forget to support small businesses through this trying time. Blacksmiths don't eat too much, but they do need a lot of whiskey to keep them running in prime condition...  To make your stimulus dollar go further we've even decided to extend our discounted shipping sale until May 15th.


For the prepper:

dude, you know you're going to run out of ammo eventually... Also, gunshots attract zombies.  You need a battle axe to slowly hone as you sit inside your impregnable fortress next to your giant pile of toilet paper... The Arms and Armor Hungarian Axe is a heck of a deal, and a heck of an axe.  Our Danish Axe kicks it up to the next level with a differentially hardened carbon steel edge.

Hungarian Axe                  Danish Axe

Hungarian Axe     Danish Axe


For the shut-in HEMA practitioner:

it's springtime and you can't leave your house to sword fight.  That makes it the perfect time to refine your cutting skills.  Due to our successful lobbying of congress (not really) the $1200.00 stimulus check you are getting is the average price of a beautiful, historically accurate, sharp longsword from Arms and Armor.  Or, if you are ready for a new, more elegant training sword tailored to your specific fencing needs, you could get a totally tricked out Fechterspiel or Meyer Rapier that will blow your clubmates minds when we all get back to fencing. (ceiling repair kits not included)

type xviiic longsword     Arms and Armor Meyer Rapier


For the gamer who is taking this opportunity to decorate their basement like a fantasy-medieval tavern:

you are going to need some really cool weapons on the walls to give the correct vibe as you play D&D over Zoom with your friends. For example, a German Flail is sure to give you +5 street cred within your adventuring party, or you could sit there and pick your fingernails with a German Parrying Dagger while pondering if they should take an initiative roll or something.

German Mace #144 from the 15th century with decorative chain links and all steel construction.     German Parrying Dagger


For the post-apocalyptic dandy (or fop?):

might we suggest something a bit more fancy?  Perhaps a rapier would go particularly well with that Neo-Renaissance style surgical mask you've just crafted?  We also make custom scabbards and sword belt systems to make sure your sword is always ready to hand to enforce that six foot social distance.

Writhen Rapier

Arms and Armor Writhen Rapier


Finally, for the fiat currency sceptic:

after the collapse, money will be worth nothing, but swords, swords will make you a king...  Heck, use your credit card.  These three swords even have gold on them, so they can be used to barter or to enforce a contract after the collapse of society.

King Edward SwordGerman Branch SwordMedici falcion

King Edward Sword       German Branch Sword      Medici Falcion


Check out our whole online catalogue for more totally responsible ways to support a small business with your economic stimulus money.  

From all of us at Arms and Armor, stay safe, stay healthy and stay swordy!

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