German Flail Video Spotlight

 The Arms and Armor German Flail is based on a famous piece in the Metropolitan Museum. It is a one handed weapon for combat on foot or horse. This high gothic styled example has a intriguing design with large spikes on a solid ball head, sculpted chain links with rows of spikes on their outer edge. The links are twisted at a right angle. Twisted links allow a chain to avoid kinking or knotting when in motion. The haft is hollow with a stepped grip for larger grip diameter. The haft ends in a turned finial with a bead.

German Flail #144 all steel reproduction of flail at the Metropolitan Museum, New York
Arms and Armor German Flail
We first saw this piece when visiting the Metropolitan Museum in New York in the early 80's. The curator Dr. Helmut Nickel showed us the piece and several other interesting single handed weapons. Later we saw a video featuring the item and decided we could do a version for our customers. It has been in our line of products for quite some time and has been a favorite for many of our customers.


Check out our video review of this classic Arms & Armor piece.

Watch for it

Flails are an iconic weapon, especially in movies. It is in fact a cliche to see the villain with these brutal weapons in hand. 
The last time this piece was in a film, it played against type and was hanging on the wall of Master Gregory's armoury in Seventh Son. Though you really have to look for it at about min 30.
Master Gregory's Armoury from Seventh Son.
Usually the flail was more of an outright nasty piece of work as in the classic film Ivanhoe.
It always struck us :-), in the clip above, that the marshal warns about "striking horse", but the long chained short gripped flail hit both combatants and horses repeatedly in this fight. Great old movie.
So if you need a flail check out our impact weapons and starting swinging.

divider swords

Nathan Clough, Ph.D. is Vice President of Arms and Armor and a member of the governing board of The Oakeshott Institute. He is a historical martial artist and a former university professor of cultural geography.  He has given presentations on historical arms at events including Longpoint and Combatcon, and presented scholarly papers at, among others, The International Congress on Medieval Studies.

Craig Johnson is the Production Manager of Arms and Armor and Secretary of The Oakeshott Institute. He has taught and published on the history of arms, armor and western martial arts for over 30 years. He has lectured at several schools and Universities, WMAW, HEMAC, 4W, and ICMS at Kalamazoo. His experiences include iron smelting, jousting, theatrical combat instruction and choreography, historical research, European martial arts and crafting weapons and armor since 1985.

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