Product Spotlight: The German Bastard Sword

Our German Bastard Sword is a great example of the heavy combat sword of the 16th Century. It is a sword we choose ...

Medieval Longword Edge Sharpness

Today we will look in detail at a specific surviving longsword's edge and how sharp such a sword would have been in p...

One or Two Handed? - Hungarian Sword Q & A

In our Hungarian Sword Spotlight we mention a few things that folks had some good questions about. So we thought it w...

Medieval Sword Edges, how sharp?

When we look at the functionality of a sword, the edge and point are the only reason the rest of the piece exists. As...

Does Cutting Wood With a Sword Teach Us Anything?

There are periodic debates among sword lovers about what kinds of abuse a sword should be able to survive. On the one...

Swords and Weapons from the War of the Roses

In honor of the 549th anniversary of the 1471 Battle of Barnet on April 14th, 2020, we present "Swords and Weapons fr...

How were Medieval scabbards made? - a new resource

Here at Arms and Armor we are always on the look out for new research and resources on historical weapons. Over the d...

Spada da Zogho: A Sword for the Flower of Battle

An interesting aspect of being a sword maker is trying to create swords to fit particular historical uses.  In today'...

Choosing a sword for test cutting

With the continuing popularity of test cutting with longswords as a way to improve sword fighting skills, and as a co...

The Durer Bastard Sword Spotlight

an iconic sword of the late 15th Century

Matching your feder to your sharp longsword

  A big hurdle for folks starting out in HEMA is that their first real exposure to how a sword ought to feel is throu...

Tangs on Medieval Swords

The truth about tangs, and how they varied.
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