Training Sword Options- Tournament Grip

In this blog post we discuss our tournament grip option. This is a wooden core grip bound by glued cord its full leng...

What to think about when purchasing a HEMA/WMA Trainer - Part 1

A quick look at what you need to think about when getting a new trainer.

Dussak Trainer- #253

The Dussack is a foundational weapon to the martial arts of Northern Europe. The single edged, often slightly curved ...

Fechterspiel Options - Extended Grip Video

Here we describe one of the options available on our Fechterspiel and Fechtbuch Longsword Trainers. We have been adju...

New Choices!

We are excited to offer a new menu of options for most of our swords. Although we have always offered custom alterati...

On polearms and ash borers...

Here at Arms and Armor we have long sung the praises of ash wood.  Ash was the most highly prized material for mediev...

Origin Story: Arms & Armor Fechtbuch and Fechterspiel training swords

We recently had one of our very first steel longsword trainers come in for a spit and polish and a new grip cover. Th...
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