Heavy vs Light Axe, which to choose?

Medieval axes existed in a large diversity of types and styles. Here we have three versions of large war axe in varyi...

New! Dane Axe with Reinforced Edge

Our newest item is a Dane War Axe with a reinforced bit or cutting edge. This feature is seen on many war axes of the...

Valentines - Nothing says I love you like an axe!

Happy Valentines Day! Here at Arms & Armor we have long held the belief that nothing says I love you like an axe...

New Hardened Celtic Spears

When we recreate a weapon from the past there are always decisions and compromises to make regarding which historic e...

2021 Gift Ideas for Vikings Fans (MN or Norse)

Viking weapons to magically help the MN Vikings win!

Nordland Christmas

It has been a very busy couple of weeks at the Arms & Armor shop. We have been forging and grinding our little el...

Special Book Christmas Deal

Christmas Special on Two Books at one great price, Limited Quantity!

Dane Battle Axe vs. Historical Armor

Today we take a look at how Dane axes interact with cloth and maille armors.  These axes were a popular weapon during...

Black Friday to Cyber Monday Merry Axemass Extravaganza 2021

Merry Axemass to all! We have some exciting deals and special items to share on this Black Friday thru Cyber Monday S...

Special Dane Axes for Black Friday Sales

Today we preview a couple of new Dane Axes that will be available during our upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales...

Whiskey and Weapons, Axes & Seaxs

Nathan and Craig invite you to join them for a sip and chat about Axes and Seaxs in today's Whiskey and Weapons. If ...

The First Sword

 We are often asked "What was the first sword?" when we are feeling snarky we will talk about the first sword we pers...
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