One of a kind Medieval 14th Century Sword

This elegant sword is available at this moment. It has a broad tapering blade with a classic beveled wheel pommel and...

Hunting Swords

In the Medieval period the hunt was seen as excellent training for combat and would often involve the use of hand we...

Product Spotlight: The German Bastard Sword

Our German Bastard Sword is a great example of the heavy combat sword of the 16th Century. It is a sword we choose ...

Medieval Longword Edge Sharpness

Today we will look in detail at a specific surviving longsword's edge and how sharp such a sword would have been in p...

What is a gothic sword?

Today we examine what it means to call a weapon "Gothic". Though there is a subset of our readers who may have in min...

One or Two Handed? - Hungarian Sword Q & A

In our Hungarian Sword Spotlight we mention a few things that folks had some good questions about. So we thought it w...

The Sword Guy Podcast - Craig Interview

Two swords that taught me a great deal about swords

The Calliano Sword - Oakeshott Type XIX Spotlight

Sometimes overlooked by contemporary sword lovers, the type XIX blade was popular in the south eastern region of Euro...

The Durer Bastard Sword Spotlight

an iconic sword of the late 15th Century

Matching your feder to your sharp longsword

  A big hurdle for folks starting out in HEMA is that their first real exposure to how a sword ought to feel is throu...

Scottish Two Handed Sword, or Claymore, Spotlight

Two Handed Swords Of the Highlanders
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