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Introducing the Special Offers page.  Carrying on the tradition of our old Muster page, this is where you can find one of a kind items available immediately on a first come, first served basis. Whenever we have a new one of a kind piece for sale, this is where you will find it.  We will blog about these items, and post them on social media.  So, keep your eyes peeled for periodic opportunities to snap up a unique weapon.  

Find the page at the bottom of the Shop Products menu on our navigation bar.  Or, follow the link in this post!

Some pieces in the special offers section are prototypes, some are personal projects by our smiths and cutlers, and occasionally they are custom pieces that the original buyer no longer has the means to buy.  Either way, all of these pieces are built to the same quality standards as our production weapons, and they are all historically accurate -- but not always direct replicas of specific historical weapons.

 Late 14th C Sword of War with brown mottled grip, wheel pommel and curved guard.

All are hand made in our shop. They are often things we have admired over time or new finds that we are interested in exploring. Some may be design tests or experiments in understanding some aspect of medieval and renaissance weapon construction.

If you see something that appeals to you it's a great chance to have a special piece that is not a stock item.  All of them are also available for immediate shipping, so there's no need to delay that gratification.

Swiss Longsword in unique items page.

Large XVIIIc long sword with dark red ribbed grip and octagon pommel.


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