Product Spotlight: Towton Sword

This type XVIIIc longsword is a great example of one of the most important things to know about swords. A good sword is a compromise. There is no such thing as "the best sword". Your intended use should dictate the type and form of sword you choose. What sword to use is not a question with a single answer. It needs to be a balance of factors that work together to create a tool that fits the needs of its user in the context their situation. Using a sword that is appropriate with well-practiced intentions is far better than having a perfect sword.

Towton Sword with Red Grip and matching scabbard with belt.

The Towton Sword has specifications which are not pushing the design envelope in anyway, but where chosen to work together very well in a variety of situations with exceptional ease. This sword cuts and thrusts exceptionally well. The length is comfortable in the hand or on your belt. The length works well in the longsword systems of its day and has proven to be an exceptional cutter in training. Its weight and speed provide excellent options when in combat. It also can be used while mounted quite well.

Arms & Armor Towton Longsword hilt view on blue background.

The Battle of Towton in 1461 was a particularly bloody episode in the War of the Roses. The men at arms fighting this conflict would have been armed with swords of this type and we felt a fitting title for this sword. It would be a weapon that would serve well in the maelstrom that occurred in the front lines of this deadly battle.

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