Tucks, Needle of Battle

The second tuck we wanted to share with you is one we have just completed for a very patient customer. This is a reproduction of the elegant sword from The Wallace Collection, it is probably from the area of Germany in origin. This example of a knightly tuck or estoc for combat is exceptionally light and fast compared to the first piece we looked at in the last video. The long slender blade is a very heavy diamond cross section that tapers steadily from the hilt to the point. 

Estoc reproduction of original in Wallace Collection

German Estoc 16th Century reproduction

Video review of Reproduction Tuck

The original sword 

  • OL: 54.8in / 139.3 cm
  • BL: 41.2in / 104.5 cm
  • Guard Width: 10in / 25.6 cm
  • Weight:1.33 kg

Fechtbuch Examples

Here are examples from Talhoffer, where added spikes and hooks are designed to create different advantages when in the bind with these weapons. The sword on the right has a rondel half way down the blade as a guard for the forward hand in the half sword grip. The middle sword has what looks to be a pommel that can be removed and possibly thrown. There are several examples of unique designs seen in the manuals of armored combat from the late 15th into 16th century.

Talhoffer Tucks 

Tucks illustrated in Talhoffer

Tuck combat in Talhoffer armored opponent against unarmored combatant.

Depiction of Tucks in use by Talhoffer

Tucks are an interesting and important part of sword development for armored combat. The use of them is difficult to emulate in modern historical sword bouting as they are particularly effective at rendering your opponent injured or worse. Practice with these types of pieces should be taken slowly and carefully. Have fun, be safe and enjoy.

An added treat

Two tucks in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

 Tuck Videos Part #1


Keep well be safe!

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