Nordland Axe #213

Our Nordland Axe is one of our favorite pieces because it is so versatile and, dare we say it, useful. It is equally appropriate for clearing brush at the cabin, Viking period reenactment, or as a durable axe for throwing at a target while having a beer. 

Nordland Axe

Historically, this axe would have been used as a weapon and a tool from Roman times all the way through the late medieval period. It is classified as a Peterson Type C style axe head with a pronounced hanging beard, fairly flat top, and slightly curved cutting edge.

Nordland closeup

This axe is mounted on a stained hickory haft, custom turned for this piece. The lower end of the haft kicks out slightly with a small toe to seat the hand when swinging the weapon. This creates an excellent grip and is a detail seen on surviving examples from the Viking period.

Nordland axe christmas tree trimmer

Here we can see the Nordland Axe in practical application. A customer sent us the pic of when they were caught without a saw to trim their Christmas tree. A quick application of the Nordland Axe and Christmas was saved!

Check out the Christmas Special we have to celebrate Merry Axemass!

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