Merry Axemass !

The Holiday Chopping Season is upon us. Battle Santa

Merry Axe-mass to all!  

In celebration of the holiday season Arms and Armor is working hard to fulfill all of your chopping needs.  Heck, you can even go on a chopping spree without ever leaving our website! 

Nordland Axe with edge cover
Chop early to guarantee delivery by Christmas.  As a special holiday treat, if you order an in-stock axe by December 18th we will include a free leather cover custom-fit to the axe (a $15 to $50 value, depending on the axe).  Not only will this make it easier and safer to wrap the axe and put it under the tree, it will also protect the edge and look super awesome!
Dane War Axe with Edge cover
Dane Axe with Leather edge cover.
Wooden edge cover for Danish Axe
Dane Axe with wooden edge cover.
For inspiration, check out our blog on our Nordland Axe, or click on the links for the pics below. We have limited numbers of axes in stock, and once these are gone the deal is over.  
Hungarian Axe in hand.

Danish War Axe #024              Danish Type L War Axe

                          Type M Dane Axe                                                Type L Dane Axe

Horseman's Axe              
Horseman's Axe                                  Nordland Axe 

 Type L Fighting Axe

Type L Fighting Axe

Let's get our holiday Chop on!


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Don't forget we have Gift Certificates we can send by email for your last minute chopping challenges!

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