Landsknecht Swords and Polearms


The Landsknecht were Mercenary soldiers famed for their bravery and the resplendence of their fashion. 

durer landsknecht

Durer The Returning Landsknecht

Engravings by Albrecht Durer and Urs Graf, respectively


Recruited by the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian the First, they represented the cutting edge of military capacity in the late 15th and early 16th centuries.  Armed with pikes, halberds, great two-handed Zweihanders, and one-handed Katzbalgers, companies of Landsknecht ran roughshod over the conventional militias of the time.  Below you can check out some examples of Landsknecht arms that we have made.  You can click on the link below each image for more photos and information.

Custom fancy Zweihander
Fancy Custom Zweihander
Custom Zweihander
two handed katzbalger
Custom two-handed Katzbalger
katzbalger dagger
Katzbalger Dagger
Custom Halberd
If you are interested in learning to fight with a large two-handed sword we would suggest that you check out our Montante and Spadone training swords.
Montante Training Sword
  In addition to the famous weapons they wielded, the Landsknecht wore outlandish, brightly colored and slashed clothing that they legendarily sewed from fabric scavenged from their dead foes.  This pretty much makes them total badasses.  


Three landsknechts and Ed

3 Landsknecht and Ed at the Western Martial Arts Workshop, 2019



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