The Oakeshott Sword

The Oakeshott Sword has been a great favorite of ours since we first met the piece long ago in Ewart Oakeshott's Collection. In the video we detail some of the exceptional details on this sword and the original now in the care of The Oakeshott Institute.
The oakeshott Sword # 191 from A&A Inc.
This sword is said to have come from a tomb that was destroyed in a 19th C period of strife, possibly in France. It would have been new in the 15th Century, though the grip and possibly the silver plating was done in preparation for its use as a funerary sword. This may have happened several generations after it was originally made. The grip style indicates this later date for being entombed. This sword would have been a high-status piece, possibly Italian in origin. 

Current Home of the Original

The Oakeshott Institute, the current steward of the sword, collaborates closely with Arms & Armor to expand access to information about medieval swords. One example of that are 3D interactive models. This allows everyone to examine original pieces, online, in detail. Here is this sword.
Posted edited 11/19/19 for upgraded video
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