2020 Christmas Special

Santa Axe

2020 Christmas Special Now till Christmas

Between now and Christmas Day we are offering free domestic shipping on items over $200 and under 60" in length, discounted shipping may be available for international orders or orders on pole arms, just drop us an email to enquire as these rates can vary considerably. aa@arms-n-armor.com

holiday swords arms and armor
For items we can ship right now check out our In-Stock Page

Special Deal

In addition, we realize that many HEMA and WMA clubs are dealing with enormous challenges right now, so we are announcing group deals on training weapons. If your club members put together an order of four or more training swords you will receive 10% off the total purchase, as well as saving as much as humanly possible on combined shipping to a single address or free shipping if conditions above apply.  

arms and armor sidesword trainer
Arms and Armor Sidesword trainer

This deal is available on any items in our training collection, including our Fechterspiel, Fechtbuch, Viking training sword, Montante, Spadone, Dussack, Sidesword, Spada da Zhogo, Scholar Arming Sword, Messer, Rapier, and Meyer Rapier Trainers. You may mix and match weapons and still get the deal. For example, if your club needs two Fechterspiels and two Dussack trainers, this still qualifies.  


Center for Blade arts
Fencers using Arms and Armor training weapons at the Center for Blade Arts
CBA fencers


To order please send us an email at aa@arms-n-armor.com so we can apply the discounts and even send an invoice. 

If you need help picking the perfect thing for someone let us know as we will be happy to help guide you to the right choice. Our consultants are the best!

Dane Claus

We are happy to help with gift certificates and special needs for the holidays, but please let us know if you are hoping to receive things by Christmas when ordering in the notes on the order form. Shipping this year looks to have extra challenges so be aware delivery times may be extended compared to years past. We do everything humanly possible to meet your expectations but we are a small company and elves are at a premium this year, so please let us know your hopes.

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