Spada da Zogho

Product image 1Spada da Zogho training longsword Italian feder steel #205.
Product image 2Spada da Zogho training longsword Italian feder steel #205
Product image 3Spada da Zogho training longsword Italian feder steel #205
Product image 4Spada da Zogho #205 steel hilt black leather grip and rectangular sectioned training blade.
Product image 5Spada da Zogho Italian style trainer.
Product image 6Spada da Zogho #205 training longsword full length view.

Regular price $490.00

Created to meet the needs of the modern practitioner. Combining the weight, feel and action of a period sword in the Fiore tradition in a steel trainer.

Overall Length: 46.5"

Blade Length: 35.75"

Blade Width: 1.125"

Quillon Width: 8.6"

Grip Length: 7.6"

Balance Point: 3"

Weight: 3.2 lbs

A training sword for the western martial artist, Spada da Zogho translates as "practice sword" in the 14th century Italian dialect of Fiore De' Liberi. We have designed this piece to feel dynamic and realistic while being able to withstand the rigors of the most intense daily practice. In other words, the sword will feel and turn like a lively battle sword even though its blade geometry and physics are discretely maximized for durability and safety.

The faceted pommel and guard are steel with a hardwood grip covered in leather with a stitched seam. The blade is of tempered 6150 steel and rectangular in cross section, making the edges long-lasting and ideal for safe practice-work. Blade taper allows for realistic feel and balance, while some flex (without sacrifice in rigidity) makes the many thrusts inherent in longsword play considerably safer.


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