Pumpkin Destruction Contest


We hereby announce the first annual (probably) Arms & Armor Pumpkin Destruction Contest.  Arm yourself.  Form up your militia.  This is the season when the gourdian menace threatens front steps and stylishly-rustic, harvest-themed decor in neighborhoods across the country. In response we have devised a strategy to counter these satisfyingly choppable intruders.

Sword poised over pumpkin in threatening manner.


Grab an Arms and Armor sword or other weapon, lawfully get yourself a pumpkin, and then take a short (around 10 second) video of its destruction.  Send us your video on our facebook page or through email at aa@arms-n-armor.com (with "Pumpkin Slaughter" in the subject line).  


 Pumpkin on an anvil at the A&A shop.

We will choose the three best videos submitted by midnight on All-Hallows-Eve-Eve.  That's right, the night before Halloween.  Those three will be shared on our facebook page and the winners will receive an awesome prize (valued at less than $25). Judging will be completely subjective and possibly influenced by the following criteria

Excellence of Technique

Use of Humor

Costumed Participants

Gourd Guts

Historical (in)Accuracy

Devastation of Vegetation


As always, Safety Third!  Just kidding, be careful.  Pumpkins are slippery little buggers that can deflect a sword blow dangerously, so maintain good weapon discipline.  Remember the most dangerous words in the english language are "Hey guys watch this!"

 Pumpkin on anvil is threatened by halberd.



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