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Arms & Armor Logo.We are excited to offer a new menu of options for most of our swords. Although we have always offered custom alterations and fabrication, we are now able to offer a simplified process that lays out the most common alterations to our stock pieces. 

As an example when you order a rapier or rapier trainer you will have several options to make the piece what you would like.

There is a default blade for most items that either represent the original piece that the replica is based on or, as in the case of trainers, the type of training blade most folks prefer. Most hilts can be ordered in a finish to match the original piece or with a blued finish or brushed bright steel.

On most items there is also an option at the bottom of the description to request information about modification or customization of the piece.

Where all of this really shines is the options available of the Fechterspiel Trainer. This provides a number of choices for you to get a trainer that is just right for you.


As you can see the most popular variations we do on our trainers are now available as a menu. These include:

• Grip covering - leather of different colors, a half leather and half wire bound upgrade or a tournament grip bound in cord.

• Grip Length - Standard size based on originals or an extended grip for more room (works well to accommodate the larger modern gauntlets)

• Bright or Blued Steel Hilts (heck, we will even gild or silver it if that's what you want!)

• Addition of side rings on guard on one or both sides

• Four different pommel choices

We also continue to offer completely custom options if you want to make the piece something extra special.

We hope these new features allow the customer to get a sword they are not able to get anywhere else!


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