Fechterspiel Options - Extended Grip Video

Here we describe one of the options available on our Fechterspiel and Fechtbuch Longsword Trainers. We have been adjusting and customizing our trainers for several years to specific needs of our customers. The most requested adjustments are now available as menu options when ordering the sword. Here we talk about the extended grip option. Ever run into the problem of your gauntlets being to bulky and binding when you go to a high guard? This option provides more space between the hands. This helps compensate for some of the larger gauntlets/safety gloves being used today. It makes it possible for the fighter to be in the proper position as opposed to compensating your form for the gauntlets. Period gauntlets where tighter fitting to the hand than today's safety equipment. They did not run unto this issue and in the case of what is depicted in some of the manuals, gauntlets may not have been used, especially in blossfechten.

You'll notice I miss pronounce Fechterspiel through out the video :-) That's what happens in our shop as we have nicknames for everything. It's the "pet" name for the sword. It's similar to what happens in the military where things have an official name and then there is what everyone really calls it. This happened in the past as well it's one of the reasons it can be difficult to get scholars to agree on what a particular form of weapon was called in the past. We also have a tendency to converse in quotes from old movies in our shop. Mostly old sword movies. That is why we give new folk a list of films to watch so they at least have a chance of catching on to what we are talking about.

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