Side Sword Trainer

Product image 1Side Sword Trainer #218 stout rectangular sectioned training blade.
Product image 2Side Sword Trainer #218 complex hilted training blade.
Product image 3Side Sword Trainer #218 stout rectangular sectioned training blade full length view.

Regular price $715.00

Overall length: 38.75"

Blade length: 31" from Guard

Balance Point ~2.25" in front of Guard

Weight: 2.25 lbs


This sword is designed specifically for the Italian sword arts of the 1500s as a practice version of the 'Sidesword' (Spada da Filo). The dimensions and balance are based on several of the surviving swords of the period. This combination has been tested extensively, resulting in a great item for those looking for a side sword trainer and sparring weapon. The blade used in this option is the #6008 Side Sword Blade, check out here for more detail on blade options.


"I own two of the Arms & Armor ring-hilted practice swords and I find them to be the best training swords in their price range. In fact, I find that their performance is comparable to more expensive weapons and their comfort, durability, and handling is perfect for 16th century Italian Swordsmanship. As a practitioner and instructor of Historic Italian Fencing, I strongly recommend these swords to anyone who is serious about practicing Bolognese Swordsmanship." 

—Steven Reich, Order of the Seven Hearts 


Development of A&A Training Rapiers
We have been doing custom training pieces like these for many years. They have been tested in many different styles for combat, training and sparring. This long development process allowed us to create a versatile weapon that meets as many needs in the martial arts community as possible.

These blades have developed from two main sources. The first was a very close look at many of the surviving original training blades. Many thanks to our many friends and colleagues that have given us access to these items, their data and experiences. The second was an extensive period of testing and use by many leading WMA practitioners. The development of several swords to their specific needs and specifications has been most illuminating, giving us insight into the various needs of the community. Our goal is to produce swords that work well, stand up to extensive use, and provide the feel and play of the originals. We are proud to have helped them make these historic styles live again. 

Our rapier hilts are hand crafted to order. With the demand for our pieces delivery times usually run in the 8 to 12 month range.


Shipping Domestic US 54.00 (multiple sword shipping discounted)

International customers please contact us for a shipping quote. We feel your pain with the steep increases in international shipping over the past few years. We strive to find the most economical and reliable sources to ship to you.


Custom or Modification Request

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A&A does a number of custom items each year and we are able to modify some of our stock items as well. Please send us a quick note about what you maybe interested in and we can discuss possibilities and get the process started.


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