Nordland Axe

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Based on Original: Found in the Nordland region of Norway in an archeological find that dates to the early Viking age.

Overall length: 21"

Head width: 6"

Cutting Edge Length: 4.3" 

Weight 2.6lbs

The Nordic hand axe cannot be separated from the mystique of the Viking Warrior. These feared fighting men used spear, sword and axe as they gained a reputation as solders and adventurers that is still renowned today. This axe would have been a weapon and tool used whether on the farm, on the hunt, in combat or on a voyage of discovery. 

This new and improved example is a Peterson Type C style axe with a pronounced hanging beard, nearly straight top and slightly curved cutting edge. The Type C was a style found in the northern half of Norway and in Sweden. The cutting edge is hand forged, differentially hardened steel.  The black patina is the result of placing the hot axehead in linseed oil, creating a durable historical finish.

This axe comes mounted on a stained hickory shaft, custom turned for this piece. The lower end of the haft kicks out slightly with a small toe to seat the hand when swinging this weapon at full length. This detail is seen on surviving axe shafts.


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