German Rapier - deposit

Product image 1German Rapier of the 17th Century decorated in acanthus leaves and hand built in steel #163.
Product image 2A light and quick German Rapier of the 17th Century decorated in acanthus leaves and hand built in steel #163.
Product image 3Acanthus leaf detail on a German Rapier of the 17th Century  #163.
Product image 4Acanthus leaf detail on a German Rapier of the 17th Century #163 with a short fuller in a sharp blade.
Product image 5German Rapier - deposit
Product image 6German Rapier - deposit
Product image 7German Rapier #163 replicated from original made in Solingen in the late 16th or early 17th century, guard detailed with acanthus leaf detail.
Product image 8German Rapier - deposit
Product image 9German Rapier - deposit

Regular price $150.00

Due to continued supply challenges and the length of our order queue we will be adjusting how our rapiers are available. They are available to order again but you will only be charged a 150.00 deposit. They will be added to the order queue which is currently running about a year or so.

Based on Original: Circa 1600 Solingen, Germany. Deutsches Klingenmuseum Solingen

Overall length: 42.5"

Blade Length: 34.875"

Blade Width: .75"

As seen in the Working Titles Film Elizabeth: The Golden Age Sir Walter Raleigh's Rapier as played by Clive Owen

The abundance of small principalities that occupied the Germanic region of Central Europe created a vibrant market for weapons and armor. Craftsmen vied with each other to tailor their wares to the tastes and wealth of each court. This resplendent rapier is a stunning example of the work done at the peak of the Solingen sword makers' skills. In fact, this piece can be traced to the actual craftsman, Johannes Mumm, who's mark is stamped in the original sword.

This thrusting rapier has a stiff narrow blade with a single fuller extending from the forte approximately 12 inches. The guard is of an early form with a post and arm at the base of the hilt arms, instead of the more usual ring. The elements of the guard and pommel are highlighted by raised acanthus leaf designs. The grip is wire bound with turksheads top and bottom. Sharing decorative elements, our German Parrying Dagger #196 is available.

 Our rapier hilts are hand crafted to order. With the demand for our pieces delivery times usually run in the 8 to 12 month range.

Blade options in more detail.

Full Price 1610.00 - if you order deposit is 150.00 

Shipping Domestic US 54.00 (multiple sword shipping discounted)

International customers please contact us for a shipping quote. We feel your pain with the steep increases in international shipping over the past few years. We strive to find the most economical and reliable sources to ship to you.


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