Scholar Sword Training Pair

To get the best experience when training with the sword a consistent and challenging training partner is invaluable. Someone who works to help you get better and skilled enough to make you pay for your mistakes. Comrades in arms like that are to be treasured.  

But a good partner is just part of the equation, you also both need the proper training tools. In our continuing 40 year quest to put swords in the hands of the people, we are now offering our Scholar Sword as a training pair at a special price. Split the deal with a buddy (as long as they are both shipped to the same address), buy two for yourself, or get a few pairs for your club.  

Sainct Didier single handed sword 

The single handed sword was the most common type of blade and this trainer is an elegant, durable, and faithful tool for those seeking to learn the this knightly art. We developed this sword in consultation with historical martial artists, and it has been in use for many years as a training and tournament weapon. It pairs well with bucklers, rondels and heater shields, and is appropriate for practicing the fighting systems in such manuals as I.33, Talhoffer, Fiore de'i Liberi and Sainct Didier. 

Sword and buckler fighters

The grips on these swords have a bit of extra room for use with training gauntlets and allow for several different grip styles. The blades are very durable and can handle mixed weapons work with ease. They have often been used against longsword trainers and can be used against them without fear of damage.

Buckler combat marginalia


Our Scholar Swords are crafted like the surviving original trainers in form. Today the blades are 6150 steel tempered to a 50 Rc minimum. They have a rectangular cross section with a heavy distal taper to replicate the feel of a sharp but maximizing the durability of a trainer. They should provide years of solid practice and fun. The grips are wood covered with leather and the guard and pommel are made from tool steel.

Bonus when buying a pair of Swords

Getting a pair of swords also comes with some added benefits. 
Fellow with three swords on his shoulder marginalia
Have more than one sword on your shoulder and look cooler than you do now!
HAnd standing on sword points
Learn new sword moves!
German Cutters Guild Dance 1600
Throw the coolest dance party on your block.
This can all be yours with a pair of Scholar Trainers!

if you have the perfect partner, training or otherwise

what says I love you more than a matched set of swords?

We will even etch your names on them for you!
Valentine Trainers
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