Leeds Castle Sword Winner

The Winner of the Arms & Armor Leeds Castle Sword Giveaway is Italo Cavalcanti, with a vote total of 307 Congrats Italo!

Leeds Castle Sword Giveaway 

Second place prize of a dagger goes to The Parent Crew with a vote total of 247 votes. Congrats to Stephen and the family!

We thank all the entries and here, the finalist in the contest and truly appreciate the great and creative work they did.

We also appreciate everyone’s patience with our coming to grips with all the parameters of running an online contest like this and your well thought out comments and mature understanding of our efforts to have a fun and fair competition. It definitely was a learning process for us. You are the best and we thank you all!

Vote Totals -

Stephanie Krutz – 196

Caius Ehmke –127

Timur Cagirgan – 82

Lars Olsen/MASA - 65

Jamie/Patrick/Hunter – 46

Justin Sirois – 46

Bill Grandy – 40

Casey Kopp – 39
Kai Cummings – 38
Robin von Taeuffenbach – 34
Nick Ryder – 16
Thank you all.
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