Arms & Armor Leeds Castle Sword Contest Entries

Here are the finalist for the Leeds Sword Contest. There are 13 of them. To many good entries so we are passing the buck and making you choose the best. We received 33 video entries and several text and image entries. We were impressed and humbled by such talent, bravery and out right flattery. Our awesomeness is only outshined by your glory and creativity. Promote your video to all far and wide. We will base the winner on the video which gets the most youtube likes.

Oct 4th end date contest

Vote Now for favorite

Watch them all and vote for the ones you love. The video with the most likes at midnight on Oct 4th of Sept 2020 will be the winner of the Sword! The second most will receive a Dagger. We are humbled by your interest and efforts in our contest.

All the video entries can be seen on this playlist on our YouTube Channel

Here are several entries of other forms.

 Jack Sutter - Janus King of Cyprus
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Eric Etcher 

Through Practice and dedication, An extension of my motivation, To perform a perfect cut; Aided by an edge that's blunt, Does little... But an edge that's true, Can slice and thrust and hew; With Perfect stance and form, Is why I should desire this Sword.


Perfect cut

Niklas Fischer - Facebook image

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Jordan Asaf - Facebook Entry Jordan A entry for sword
Anthony Clare - Facebook Entry Leeds Castle Sword hilt
Adam Cousins Recording our individual test cutting is becoming more of a thing in our Table Mountain HEMA club under COVID, but it's winter in Cape Town South Africa and my only sharp is a very long and heavy halberd. if i get this sword I promise to post a vid of trying to do indoor test-cutting with my halberd😁.
Scott Huard I perform period costume Shakespeare plays in a professional role. I’ve been wanting a good sword for that period of years now for some time
Odin Peterson when all your friends are buying Albion and you just need one from Arms and Armour... mainly for cutting competitions, looks like it'll be a beast! Plus it'll look so sexy on my hip walking around the dozen of faires I work every year
Rafael Raposa I always dreamed of having an Alexandria reproduction but never got the money to have one made! Since first time I saw a photo of this type of sword I always thought: that's a mean cutter. The lines are elegant, the sword is beautifully dangerous and it has a cool history, being a type of diplomatic gift.

I would treasure it, I would care for it and it would be used both for my practice and to teach people to cut once the pandemic situation is controlled in my country!
Jason Stewart Wotring I should have this sword because I don't have the money to buy it and I really really want it. And I don't own an A&A sword. It would make me the cool kids on the block to own it. I could kill orcs with it. When I finally go insane and try to slay a Mac truck thinking it's a fire breathing dragon I'll need a good sword in my hand. It would piss off my mother in law. It would make my son jealous. I would love it. I would name it George
Marc-Andre Levesque I do HEMA but I can't afford an actual good sword so I am stuck with a nylon one. And in case of a zombie apocalypse, I'd say I am kinda screwed with a nylon fencer... do really want to have on your conscience a dead HEMA fencer because you did not give him a good sword he can't afford? DO YOU? :P
Douglas Cole Because I need a real one to match this!!
No photo description available.
Gustav Wennberg I would use it as a commercial piece and wear it at the medieval events in Sweden and Soumi, so people can see it in reality and not as a picture on the Internet.
Richard Ho Oh we need a actual good reason for that sword in particular? Harrumph, how dare you try to make sure it only goes to people actually in need of it >:(
Thomas HuWalt Arm's &Armor Contest entry. I'm a Sword collector and this would be an awesome addition to my collection. The leeds sword reminds me alot of the Alexandria sword which i do not have yet and would live to add it to my arsenal to help defend my keep. It looks like it would be an awesome cutter. Here's hoping that i can get my hands one it 🍻
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Jakob Abbühl 

I’ve had an interest in HEMA for several years now. As it stands, I’ve attended a few solo classes and have been studying German longsword as well as Sword-and-Buckler.

My interest in HEMA comes from studying medieval and Renaissance history, which h
as also fueled my passion for writing dark fantasy and historical fiction.

I come from a working class background, and a few years ago I started off on a chapter of my dream when I moved to NYC to marry my spouse and to pursue a career as a writer, working as a barista to make ends meet.

I work very hard to provide for our life together, and I don’t usually enter these “free stuff” contests, but that said, I’ve never been able to afford even a beater sword, let alone one as beautiful as this.

I love your page, and I share it pretty religiously, so I’d be delighted to even be considered for this opportunity. Thank you.

Sven Miller With that sword in my hand, i will conquer the land.
Ian Alexander Cat entry
Thank you for all of the entries!



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