2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Sword Lovers!

We know you've all been waiting for it with bated breath, the 2022 Arms and Armor holiday gift guide!

A&A Santa sack spilling swords.

With Christmas fast approaching you have the chance to be the best Santa ever.   Watch the eyes of your loved ones light up with glee when they open a box from Arms and Armor.  Will it be a sword? An axe?  How about a halberd! Here are our top suggestions to gift someone special what they really, really want.


best christmas ever


'I got my boyfriend a sword' - yep you just jumped to spot #1 on the best girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, crazy uncle, or whatever list.   Order early to guarantee delivery by Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus or your holiday of choice.  If you order a custom sword or one not in stock we will send you a lovely little gift box containing a tiny little sword and a description of the custom item as a placeholder that you can present in style.  


Example of an A&A Gift Certificate



2. We wish you a merry Axe-mas!

 December can be a difficult time for Minnesota Vikings fans, so give yours a good luck talisman to help out the team.   In fact, we have a whole list of Viking-era weapons for the super-fan on your gift list.  This year we have a wide selection of Dane Axes in stock and discounted for the holiday season!

yule feast      dane axe

 Dane Axe and a Yule feast.



When Edward the Black Prince celebrated the holidays, he did it 14th century style with wassails and a traditional afternoon invasion of France.  But he wasn't the only Prince who would appreciate this sword.


Prince Edward of Engalnd     Prince of MN

While everyone knows that Prince played a mean axe, he (probably) also loved swords. We have even made a special edition in the past called "The Sword Formerly Known as the Black Prince" it had a fancy purple leather grip - cuz, you know, some people are really into Prince and swords.   

Black Prince




Handy around the hearth or trekking to the pole this lovely belt axe will make eyes open wide when the wrapping comes off. Just imagine the surprise and delight when your little (or not so little) warrior opens this gift!  You can even kind of jam it into a stocking as long as you're very, very careful!  This axe is great!  Differentially hardened 4140 carbon steel with a forge-black finish.

5. And a happy new spear... 

A lovely spear in 4140 differentially hardened steel, mounted on an ash shaft.  Great for throwing or using with a shield.  The Celtic Spear is a great gift and we have a bunch in stock and on sale.  Check out the special!

Celtic spear


 Be sure to order this week to ensure delivery before Christmas!  All of our merry little elven smiths are working long hours to make you some awesome toys, so think of them fondly and raise a glass to the guys as you contemplate your holiday arms purchases.


Christmas swords from A&A

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