Arms and Armor Free Sword contest 2020

As part of our ongoing efforts to foster happiness and fulfillment in this period of historic badness we are very pleased to announce a totally unprecedented and splendid contest that is sure to make one lucky sword-lover very, very happy.  

This September we will be giving away the very first production piece of our new sword, the Leeds Castle Sword - Type XVIIIc.  We've been working on this sword for a couple of years, and now it is ready.  We think that you are really, really going to like it.  

Leeds Castle Sword


Here's how it works:

1. make a short video (less than two minutes,) or an image and some prose or possibly a Homeric poem in which you show and tell us why you need this particular sword. Mind you, not, why you need a sword, but why this particular sword is perfect for you. Maybe you reenact a knight from the period, or maybe you are a historical martial artist specializing in an art this sword perfectly complements, or maybe you are a collector, educator, or artist for whom the Arms and Armor Leeds Castle Sword would be indispensable. We suggest that dressing up in costume, demonstrating feats of skill or strength, and expressing unsurpassed historical acumen will aid in your quest. Being funny may also help. Also, we are not above being swayed by flattery.  

2. If a video, upload the video to your own YouTube channel and name it "your name Arms and Armor contest entry". Then post the link to our Facebook page AND email us the link, along with your contact information at If images and text share with A&A on facebook AND email us the link, along with your contact information at

3. On September 21st, changed to Oct 4th due to change in voting format to comply with terms of service, we will select the top ten entries based entirely on our own subjective and possibly impaired judgement, and post these for your perusal. We will also post a link to a poll. You, the public, will then vote on the winner. Whoever receives the most votes by Midnight on Sunday, September 27th will win the grand prize, the very first Arms and Armor Leeds Castle Sword valued at $1280.00, shipped to your door. Second place will receive a dagger valued at $220.00. Additionally, anybody who submits a video entry and buys the sword by December 31st, 2020 will receive a free leather scabbard to go with their Leeds Castle Sword, a value of $175.00.  

See, now you have something to do and something to dream about. We feel better about helping your mental health already.  

Leeds Castle Longsword from Arms & Armor Inc #255


We encourage all the folks that would have seen us at the Renaissance Fairs this year to to check out these virtual spaces and remember the artists and entertainers who will lose the opportunity of your patronage. Check out 

Minnesota Online Renaissance Market Square and Facebook page for Friends of Minnesota Renaissance Artisans and Shops 

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