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Due to the challenges of the current economy and supply chain we have had to limit some items as far as ordering them out right on the website. They are identified on the website as Temporarily Unavailable.

These items have not been dropped but may suffer extended production times out of our control. We are leery of getting too far ahead on our queue, so we will only accept a small deposit on these items, but it will be an official order we plan to fill as soon as we are able. We will contact you for payment when the item is nearing completion. We regret that at the current moment we are not able to gauge with any accuracy how long the wait will be on these items.

If you would like to be added to the queue for these items, just send us a note below. We will send you an invoice which will generate your order number but only require a deposit (usually about 50.00) to make it an official spot on the list.

Please let us know which items you are interested in and any options desired. Also make sure to fill in the contact info when you fill out the order.

We appreciate your understanding as we meet and conquer the problems of today's production environment.

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