Black Friday Specials

Black Friday Super Offer 

In addition, each day this weekend we will be offering one sword at a substantial discount. Each morning at ~7am central time we will post the sword of the day as a single discounted item. Todays sword is...

 Two Handed Sword

 Two Handed sword with coins in pommel

This is beautiful two handed sword is over 66 inches long and has a 16" grip. The waisted grip allows agility in the manipulation of the sword with the hands placed for maximum leverage The grip is a brownish red mottled leather with a swell in the center. The wheel shaped pommel is inset with two gold plated replica medieval coins. They are the famous templar coin with the two knights mounted on one horse.

Hilt of TwoHAnded Sword with coins in pommel.

Pommel with coins inset.

This sword is normally 2200.00 but today it is 2020.00 (get it) :-)


Between Black Friday and Christmas

We are offering free domestic shipping in the conterminous United States on items over $200 and under 60" in length, discounted shipping may be available for international orders or items over 60", just drop us an email to enquire as these rates can vary considerably.  in-stock items   


Instock button for Black Friday Special

Specials on Trainers

We are also having a special for clubs or groups looking to purchase trainers as we hopefully will be able to train again soon. Check the deals out here.

Gift Certificates

We also have a variety of Gift Certificates available for direct purchase on the website here. We are happy to help you with item specific gift certificates as well as any amount you wish as well. Just drop us an email at

gift certificate from A&A

 Stay Healthy, Be Happy, Sword Santa

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