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All weekend we have free domestic shipping on in-stock items over $100 (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).  

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In addition, each day we will be offering one sword at a substantial discount.  Each morning at ~7am central time we will post the sword of the day as a single discounted item. Todays sword is...

 15th C longsword for Black Friday

Mid 15th C Longsword 

This is beautiful longsword has specific cutting dynamics incorporated in its design. The waisted grip allows agility in the manipulation of the sword. The grip has a linear orientation to the edge creating good alignment of the blade to target. The lozenge shaped pommel creates a positive interaction with the back hand also aligning with the edges. This style of pommel appears in the last half of the 15th Century.

15th C longsword in hand

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We also have a variety of Gift Certificates available for direct purchase on the website here. We are happy to help you with item specific gift certificates as well as other amounts as well. Just drop us an email at

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