Product image 1#214 Javelin on ash haft.
Product image 2#214 Javelin three quarter view
Product image 3#214 Javelin pyramidal head
Product image 4Javelin
Product image 5Javelin
Product image 6Javelin

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Based on Original: Circa 11th Century, Find place near Daugavpils, Latvia

Overall length: ~50"

Head length: 4.125"

The javelin is often an overlooked weapon of the ancient arsenal. In fact it was one of the most common weapons for soldiers from many periods of history. Thrown or used as a stabbing weapon this lightweight spear was a crucial piece of equipment from the Egyptian charioteer to the Medieval knight. The javelin could have a devastating effect on the opposition when used in mass. The skilled user, however, was able to hunt and hit targets at some distance with practice. Accuracy can be increased with the addition of a cord lanyard throwing loop, or amentum in Latin.

Lanyard use on light spears was done throughout Europe. Use by Italian, Gaulish, and Spanish troops, before and after the Roman conquests is documented. It is also noted in an ancient Irish story, and artifacts in the Nydam bog finds, show us examples attached with nails. Outside of the European context they where used in New Caledonia. 

The Norse, Danes and Roman legionnaires were armed with this efficient and economical missile weapon. Many troops could be armed with this style of spear for a small cost compared to archers or siege engines.

The tool steel head is cast with an integral socket and has a diamond cross-section. It is mounted on a 3/4 of an inch wooden shaft with a rivet through the socket. The weapon is approximately 50 inches long and comes with a sharp point.

Learn how to use the Amentum or lanyard with you Javelin here.


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