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New Item - 15th C French Glaive -

Based on Original: 15th Century examples, French, Burgundy, in particular item 14.25.272 in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and several other surviving pieces, with elements as seen in the Froissart's Chronicles especially images The Dukes of Berry and Burgundy Departing from Paris to Meet with the Duke of Bretagne 1480-83 

• Overall Length: ~85 "

• Blade Length: 17.25"

• Blade Width: 2.25"

• Guard Width: 3.6"

• Langet Length: ~13"

• Weight: 4.6 lbs 2090 g

The great advantages of this medieval pole arm are excellent reach, ease of use and devastating attacks. It is equally as good at hewing strikes with the edge as thrusts with penetrating lethality. This is a piece we have made custom several times for customers and decided we liked it so much we would bring out a rendition worthy of a Duke.

The head is 6150 steel tempered to a 50 Rc hardness at the minimum. It is sharp on both fore and aft edges and we leave the point quite stout. The hand guard is a steel disc mounted on four legs that are nailed to the haft of ash hardwood. It is deeply beveled on the corners for comfort and ease of control. 

The weapon has inset side langets that continue under the socket. These help support and protect the upper portion of the shaft and the whole is riveted through the socket with decorative bronze elements. Last but not least we have a spiked butt cap on this noble polearm.

This style of infantry weapon is most often called a Glaive or Voulge but there are also references to it being referred to as a Couteau de Bréche or Breach Knife. It is seen in many depictions of armies in war from the 15th and 16th centuries. 

The Dukes off to Paris

The Dukes of Berry and Burgundy Departing from Paris to Meet with the Duke of Bretagne, Froissart's Chronicles

This Glaive is representative of 15th century French design and is hand made in our shop. It is perfect for history enthusiasts or collectors seeking a unique piece to add to their collection.

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