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Based on Original: 13th century, National Museum of Ireland

Overall length: 56"

Blade Length: 6.75"

Head Width: 6.5"

Haft Length: ~52"

Weight: 2.4 lbs 1090 gr

The warriors of Ireland were known as fierce fighters and practiced in quick moving raids and war on the run. The weapons they used needed to accommodate this style of combat and on a recent trip to Dublin we were able to study many of these pieces up close. Some of the items that really impressed us were these fighting axes. They are light and fast and would be exceptional in hand to hand combat with a bit more reach than many swords they would have encountered in their day.

Our replica is done in steel on an ash haft and has a hardened cutting edge.

These 13th century weapons were noted for delivering fearsome wounds and being particularly vicious in their effect. The chronicler Gerald of Wales wrote c. 1185 in his The Topography of Ireland

"[The Irish] always carry an axe in their hand as if it were a staff… This weapon has not to be unsheathed as a sword , or bent as a bow, or poised as a spear. Without further preparation, beyond being raised a little, it inflicts a mortal blow… From the axe there is always anxiety. If you think you are free from anxiety, you are not free from an axe."

The axe was one if not the most common weapons for the average fighting man of Ireland in this period. As Gerald of Wales comments above. He later goes on to suggest that the Irish were quick to use their axes at any moment they might detect an advantage and is not quite kind in his opinion of these folks. 

The axe of the Irish warrior would continue to be a weapon of note buy opponents for several centuries as these fearsome warriors made and furthered a reputation as fearsome warriors.


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