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Based on Original: 200 BC, Find place central Europe. Spear type seen across Europe through many centuries.

Overall length: ~68"

Head length: 9.8"

Weight: ~1.4 lbs

New Version- 1/28/2022

Our spear now comes with a slack quenched edge and point creating an authentically hardened spear. This would be suitable for many periods of history from ancient to medieval and even renaissance use.

spear head being quenched

The leaf shaped spear is one of the most common weapons seen in the arsenal of the fighting man in many periods of history. This example is based on an original from a Celtic find in central Europe. The throwing spear would have been a very common weapon on both sides in most conflicts of the ancient and medieval period. It continued in use well into the renaissance and was often used as an exercise and training device in that period.

Unlike heavier combat spears like our Norseman or 12th Century Spear this elegant weapon is lighter and more nimble in the hand in combat but also an excellent spear to throw against an enemy or target.

The leaf shaped head is found in other cultures as well, examples of this style spear are seen in Norse, Welsh, Near Eastern, Asiatic, Iberian and North African as well as Roman contexts.

This piece has a cast steel head with an integral socket and has a flattened diamond cross-section. The head in hardened steel on the point and edge using the interrupted quench technique as would have been done in the medieval period. It is mounted on a 7/8 inch wooden ash haft with a rivet through the socket. The weapon is approximately 68 inches long and comes with a sharp point.

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