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Based on Original: Circa 1560 French, located in a private collection in the US. We had made this weapon many years ago and decided to remake it.

• Overall length: 61.5"

• Head length: 8"

• Top spike: 7"

• Side spike width 5.1"

• Weight: ~ 4.5 lbs (~2040g)

An iconic pole weapon, the Bec de Corbyn "Ravens Beak" was tailor-made for the heavily armed opponents in the knightly combat of the Middle Ages. Pole arms were the most common choice employed by armored knights when on foot for knightly duels and during pitched battles.

This type of weapon came in a wide variety of styles. The spiked face usually has three or in this case four points. The rear spike was stout and sometimes has an almost blade-like ridge along its back. The top is often spiked and this can take the form of a stout spearhead. The head is set with 18-inch long langets down the haft and with sharp side spikes. The ash haft is sanded and stained.

These versatile weapons could deliver lethal thrusts, crushing blows, and deadly punctures to armor.

These weapons could be quite crude in their simplest forms, but here we have a higher status piece with a bright matte finish on the steel.

 Note: As a long hafted wooden handled weapon there will be variations in the straightness of the haft. Wood is a natural material that will vary and adjust shape due to climate conditions and use. We strive to mount our poleaxe with solid wood of good quality making the hafts as straight as we can at the time of assembly. Just like the originals though there will be some variation.

Shipping Domestic US 66.00 

International customers please contact us for a shipping quote. We feel your pain with the steep increases in international shipping over the past few years. We strive to find the most economical and reliable sources to ship to you.


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