Pumpkin Destruction Winners

Thank you for the excellent contributions. We are very happy we have such creative and interesting folk join us in thwarting the orange menace. As we looked at the submissions it soon became obvious that we would have to award a few more prizes planned! Three was just not enough for the excellent work you all did. Please raise a glass to these excellent comrades in the fight against the Gourdian scourge!

The prize and video for each winner!

Total Obliteration Award-

"Pumpkin Slaughter" by Charles Davenport and an A&A Italian Mace from days gone by, but still going strong.

Most Enthusiastic Award-

Dragon vs Pumpkin by Bobby Milliman with a little help from a Gothic Mace and Horseman's Axe

Best Multi-Cut Attack Award-

Longsword Attack by Philip Ristow with a little help from his custom longsword

Stone Cold Pumpkin Destruction Award-

Axe meets Pumpkin by Eric Meulemans and his Hungarian Axe.

Safety Third Award-

"Mangual of Destruction" by Ernesto Maldonado and a custom Mangual from A&A.

Mighty Cut Award-

Beheading the stand- by Mathew Kortuem with help from his Hanwei Lowlander


Some winners who posted on facebook:

Bloodiest Pumpkin Award-

"Hobbit Defends his Garden form Invasive Species" by Brian Sago and a Dürer Bastard Sword


Most Patience with us Award-

Sarah Conor vs the Gourd by Sarah Boxhorn Potratz 


Most Edge Damage Award-

by Jody Hakla-Ristow and her Hungarian Axe.

Each winner will receive one of our coveted incredibly inexpensive baby swords and a 50.00 gift certificate for A&A Inc.


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