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Custom Galloglass Sword

Regularly $1100.00 - today only $1020.00 

Super Sunday Deal

Each day this weekend we are offering one sword at a substantial discount. Each morning at ~7am central time we will post the sword of the day as a single discounted item.

Here is today's special sword ...

Custom Gallowglass Sword by Arms & Armor Inc. 

Gallowglass Sword

 A classic Irish Sword with steel fittings and a green grip. This single handed sword is of type only found in Irish context and depicted as carried by Irish Soldiers of the 16th C. An exceptional piece for your collection or to wrap up for under the tree!

Free Shipping as well till Christmas in the lower 48! Get Details here.


 Can't Decide?

We work closely with experts in getting your holiday gifts just right!

Dane Santa in Armor
They know whos been bad or good and what kind of sword they really want!

Gift Certificates

We also have a variety of Gift Certificates available for direct purchase on the website here. We are happy to help you with item specific gift certificates as well as other amounts as well. Just drop us an email at

gift certificate from A&A


Christmas Weapons 

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